Bedrooms one or two

Fri, Feb 19th, 2021 @ 6:34am
Bedrooms —one or two, what will do?

We all love space. Some more than others. When it comes to deciding to rent a place with a second bedroom, consider this.

A small place will require more upkeep with holding clutter at bay. If you like things neat, you might want that second bedroom for storage. Are you crafty, want a home office or like to exercise? Maybe that second room can become a space for your art, work or your treadmill.

If you often have out-of-town guests, a second bedroom would be a life saver. Rather than tiptoeing around your living room, they’ll have their own space along with privacy. What about a room where you like to read and your pet likes to nap?

Before you sign your lease, envision what it is you’d like for your lifestyle. In the long run this could save you money and maybe even your sanity.  If you do find the space too much to handle, maybe you could get a two-legged roommate.