Decorating your apartment

Fri, Feb 19th, 2021 @ 6:36am
Your First Place.

Size Matters
Think Goldilocks. Too large, too small, just right. Scale your furniture to fit your space. There are many retailers who sell scaled-down, apartment-living couches, tables, etc.
Think outside the box. Or buy a pretty one. Trunks, shelves, benches, hinged ottoman with space for blankets and decorative baskets all can work double duty. Do you know you can buy chairs that fold out to a twin sleeper? There are also beds with built-in storage drawers.
Art with a heart
No need to spend your money on pricey paintings. Gather up photos of friends and family into new frames, hang some favorite posters, string some wire and find tiny clothespins online to clip concert tickets, postcards and small mementos.
Do look that gift horse in the mouth
People are always willing to give you stuff. Be picky. If you feel you can update it or repurpose a hand-me-down, do, but don’t become a collector with and end up with piles of “someday stuff” you can’t use.
Wall It
Can’t paint your walls? You can dress them up with removable wallpaper.
Go green
Besides adding color, real plants have health benefits as air filters and adding calm. Real or faux, plants add texture and interest to your space.
Special interest
If you can, invest in a statement piece that you love and you feel expresses who you are. This is something you want to have for a long time and take with you as you go through life.
Layer up and light it up
Think from the ground up. An area rug over the carpeting, pillows, wall coverings. Drape a throw over your couch for a cozy touch on a chilly night.  Lighting can also add dimension to your home. Use lamps of different shapes. Mood lighting can change the look and feel of your space. Buy battery-powered candles that come with a remote that you can “light” at whim.