Pool Rules

Fri, Feb 19th, 2021 @ 6:37am

8 Basic Swimming Pool Rules for Every Community to Follow

  1. No running. It’s way too easy for kids and adults alike to slip and injure themselves.
  2. No diving. Without an experienced lifeguard on staff, diving can be dangerous. It can endanger other swimmers, and it could cause serious harm to the diver if the pool is shallower than they might think.
  3. Supervise kids. Young children should always be monitored by an adult. Check with your state or local jurisdiction to decide on an appropriate age limit. Some states have found that 18 years old may be too restrictive, as some 16- and 17-year-olds are certified lifeguards themselves.
  4. Toddlers must wear swim-proof diapers. This probably doesn’t need an explanation, but it’s a good rule to have if there are a lot of families in your community.
  5. No more than # swimmers at a time. Most pools have a capacity for safety reasons. Without a reminder, this rule may fall by the wayside on popular pool days.
  6. No animals in the pool. Dogs in swimming pools can be unsanitary, and their hair will clog the filter. Also, you may want to limit animals on the patio itself in case there are residents with allergies.
  7. No glass bottles. You may be okay with residents sharing drinks on the patio, but you may not want broken glass where people are walking around in bare feet.
  8. Limit of # guests per resident. If you worry about too many people crowding the patio when the weather gets hot, you can set a (reasonable) visitor limit. 2 or 3 per resident is usually fine.
This list of swimming pool rules is by no means exhaustive. You may have different rules depending on where your community is located and what kinds of residents live there. Always check with local ordinances before creating and posting rules to avoid legal issues.
In addition to posting swimming pool rules, it’s a good idea to erect a fence around your pool that can only be accessed by key. You may also be able to set time limits for the pool so that nobody can access it after dusk or before dawn.
Ultimately, pools are a great way for residents to cool off in the summer heat. However, they also present a liability, especially when you have to take kids, guests, and even pets into consideration.
If you find that people are ignoring or breaking your swimming pool rules, don’t hesitate to send a reminder via email, or to tuck a notice under their doors. After all, you installed the pool so that they could enjoy it—but you want to be sure that they do so safely!