Spaced Out (storage article)

Fri, Feb 19th, 2021 @ 6:38am
Spaced Out

You’re in your new place! Now where do you stash the overflow and  treasures? Here are a few ways to organize and store your things

Shelve it. Bookcase and shelves are always good for lining up books and displaying your favorite items.

There’s a plethora of pretty and patterned boxes out there great for storing photos, remotes and magazines. You can also store items in an array of baskets and bins. Choose from wire, wood or even bright plastic ones for pops of color.

Double duty with a bed that has drawers beneath it. Purchase low plastic bins that have casters to roll them out when you need them. A cedar chest has lots of storage. Prop up some pillows or a long cushion on it and you’ve got extra seating,  You can also buy footstools where the top comes off for storage and some even come with a tray for entertaining and an extra table.

Shoe holders on the back of a door can store small items and jewelry. Another popular storage solution is an old suitcase. Stack them up to use a table if you’ve more than one.

Look around your place. Be creative and do think outside the box!