Digital Feeds Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

GENERAL A feed is an automated way to frequently update your listings all at once. The information is taken from a file you provide, and we display the ad on our network.

How much does the program cost?
Nothing, it's free to participate.

Is there a way for me to increase the exposure of my listings?
Please contact us for more information on our different advertising packages.

How do I receive my leads?
Potential renters will contact you directly via phone. Email leads will come directly to you through the email you provide in the feed.

What property types can we display on
We advertise apartments only.


What format do you support?
We currently accept API, RETS, IDX or XML feeds that provide active listings.

What do I need to provide to setup a feed?
To set up a feed, first you will need to fill our Digital Feed Application Form with the contact information of the person responsible for maintaining your feed.


Will my contact information be displayed in my listings?
Yes, your contact information will display on the site.

What information will show on my listing?
Your ad will include basic listings information: contact information, description, photos, amenities, address, bed/bath counts, rent, and more.

How many photos can I display on my listing?
There's no limit to the number of photos you can display.


How do I ensure my listings are up to-date and accurate?
The network updates frequently, using updated information from the feed you provide.


Need technical assistance?
Email us

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Last updated: July 1, 2020