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resources including how to send us your photos and pro tips to shoot the best photos of your community

+ photo image requirements

please send JPEG images, at a minimum of 1000 px x 800 px at 72 dpi or larger
images must be owned by the property and not copywrites by any third party
images may be resized and / or cropped by apartments etc
please include the name of your community within the file name. i.e. "Whispering_Pines_01.jpg"
images may not contain people, alcohol, tobacco, brand names / logos, religious or holiday items

+ tips for taking better photos of your community

focus on taking photos of the landscape with buildings and trying to compose shots with foreground, mid-ground and background elements: i.e., flowers in the foreground, apartment buildings in the mid-ground and mountains in the background
clear landscape of debris and trash to make it look the most attractive possible
avoid parking lots, cars and people
take photos of the sides of buildings that are illuminated by the sun
typically the morning hours - noon are the best for hours for taking exteriors
turn on all the lights in the unit
open blinds partially to let in light but adjust them so direct sunlight is not coming in
in smaller rooms, try to get as far back to a corner to make the room seem as large as possible
if possible, use a flash to illuminate dark rooms
choose the best angle to showcase each room as well as the overall space

+ professional photo shoot

call or email us to schedule a professional HD photo session at your community
all HD photos are unbranded and will be yours to keep!

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